As a leading Japanese automobile dealer, Cartivate Motors aims to be your one-stop shopping experience platform for your favorite vehicle needs. We offer you nothing but the best quality cars at the lowest competitive price, by dealing directly with the seller and eliminating the middle-man.We are importers of brand new and rendition Japanese vehicles and also deal with local purchasing and trading.

We were established in 2019 but were able to cause a major revolution in the Sri Lankan automobile industry in such a short period of time, by being one of the main frontrunners of the import trade of the island’s sale of cars.

We have established a branch in Colombo as a central destination to serve a large customer base, and to aid the aspects of selling comfortably, utilizing a variety of top quality Japanese brands with top-notch efficiency.

All our vehicles are carefully selected from the best, biggest and prestigious auctions in Japan, and they are further filtered through strict inspections to meet our highest standards.

Presently, our management and staff have deeply been induced in providing the easiest, most affordable, and exciting way to meet you with the car of your dreams.



We are deeply motivated to know and do what’s right when it comes to the quality of transactions.


We always strive for mutual respect and to provide quality treatment when it comes to our consumers.


All opportunities are embraced and utilized to provide the essential contributions to our buyers.

To set up meets for every individual with the car of their dreams for a long-lasting relation.

To create a future, where every individual is with the car of their choice, thus providing them with a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

We are always driven to not only lift ourselves up but to lift the whole industry when it comes to the Sri Lankan market of imported vehicles.

We yearn to serve the common good and always put forth the needs and essentials of our shoppers by taking care of them at our helm.